imageskutsuwhile i was looking on line i stumbled across these two artist Janne Lehtinen

and the other is, well two robert and shana parkeharrison, what struck me about this photos is the desperation of life, of trying and trying but getting no where, but still having the faith of trying again, i want to place that into the final photo that i will be creating, the photograph that i explained earlier in my post, of this person breaking free of life and even thought you might have to try again and again you still have the faith to experience life, and even thought things maybe weighing you down don’t let it get the best of you, i guess what im trying to say is that these photos right here explain the way of life of trying again again and light weigh you down, that my photo will the the conclusion of this trying and weigh, with taking life full on with breaking free of everything. ill that im hoping is that my message i guess get my point out,


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