With my final project I took images of male and female full body images. I cropped close up of certain parts of the figures and blew them up. Then i printed them off and scanned them back into the computer, I did this for a couple of times, What i wanted to show was the deterioration of rescanning and print would do to a already pixilated image. Then i printed it off on agfa, i wanted to stretch the image as far as i could before loosing it completely, Printing them i did some other manipulation by double coating printed, different types of paper and watercolor. This was a experiment for me,

how i presented it was to look like a experiment of test trials  and subject of male and females, but having a control of the images but using different ways of printing them,

XX/XY was my expression towards how we take a complex human form and take it down to the simple x or y chromosome, something that can be defined but also so abstracted. the labels under the images help define the image and set it into a category but the image is so obscure its hard to tell what body part it is, Male and female forms are so different from far away but up close there are no real different (expect genitals) i wanted to try to break the separation male and female and let them co-existed, but at the same time i defined them with labels to connect back to xx and xy, the hole experiment side was to show the different processes i had gone through to get the end results  and to show that we may have the same body parts but each person is different from the next person. In the end my final project was about men and women under the title of the figure.


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