A New Leaf.

Black and White printToday, Yesterday, and Tomorrow. This year I have started out with thinking too much, But I guess thinking too much is better than not thinking at all, Black and White printThis blog is about me but I think its more

for myself to work out all the kinks in my life, I have been struggling with who I am as an artist and what my work says to me and to other people. Does my work have meaning, I am not sure about that. I feel very lost in the big art world. Its very scary to think about doe

s my work has importance. I do feel that the viewer gives art importance, So either art w

Black and White print

ork will float with approval from the viewer or sink with disapproval. Black and White printing

What I can say is this.. Or what I have been up to is.. Well Im all over the place. I went up to the Rock to just putts around and to get out of the stuffy surroundings of small old Alfred. I found that what I was most interested in was things that once where important and had meaning in someones life, Now had just been thrown away and forgotten about. Being in a city I was drawn to places with out people, The city is the life of people, people make the city, The Rock has been forgotten about, Black and White printIt once was full of life and prosper. Now its a dead. I guess i was trying to express a forlorn and sad place. But at the same time I wasn’t, Its funny how artist always contradict themselves.  I do think these express how I am feeling as a person, I feel very much a lone even though I am surrounded by things and people. In today world people are very cold to other people. No one really wants to know how you are doing they just say it out of politeness. How fake is that. We care about ourselves and no one else, It feels that we only have friends to help us climb the social poll.

As a human race how can we be so cold, To each other and the things around us, does anything have value any more?

– From the Ranting Raving of a Madwomen


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