Author Note.

Digital Photography…Right now Im big mess, because I have been thinking of all the things that I need to do, and how much I haven’t done, I feel like a smushed bug on a really big car, I feel like I have no importance in this big art world, Look at what other people have done, I feel weak compared to them, Lost in wind of so much to do. I want to do so much but I feel like I will never get there, People tell me that I going places but I feel stuck in mud with out anywhere to go, No one read what I post, No one know that I exists. I look at all this wonderful work done by other people, and I wonder if my work is good enough. because most of the time I think its shit and no one is going to tell me other wise because everyones too nice, I feel that all this is a false errand. All I want is to take photo and print but there are all these other pressure of making money. the responsibility that come with life makes things shit. I want to make my mark in the world but I feel like that will never happen, Its like shouting when no one can hear you. I feel that there is nothing special about me or my work, that its just ordinary. How can make a mark when nothing is going for me, I don’t even have a cool and different name to make me stand out in a room, Everything that come out of my head and mouth sounds so childish, all my ideas are not ground breaking, students work, I want to be so much more then that…


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