This past week I took a trip down to the big city of New York to go see a friend, Down in the city that never sleep we walked around to all of the galleries that were putting on the best show of the year, well thats what I was told but most of the galleries fell short of ground breaking work, I was very disappointed in the work that is coming out of the art community. Is art going through recession?? I think so, It was funny because it gave me a such a boost in what I thought about my work, because what was in the galleries where so bad. I must say that there was some galleries that put on some fantastic shows. And I greatly enjoyed the work that they had posted. I very much liked the work in the Postmaster gallery, and the work of Edward Burtynsky.  But what I really wanted to talk about is the new show thats put up in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Leon Levinstein was awesome. I could say that his little bio or artist statement done by someone else or what ever that little entry writing about the work was really cheesy, it was a thumb down on my part, which I think  can make or break the work, I think most people don’t realize that an artist statement has that much importance. But I think Leon work stood out even thought the statement sucked.

Looking at this work it really connected me to myself, because I have done similar work, where there is that one moment that you capture with your camera, and then that moment is lost, that second, that one point that just makes the photograph. Leon captured that, moment in time, Something about these photographs reminded me how I like to people watch, how I think it would be fun to follow someone around the city and photograph them, people are so interesting, in the way the act, dress, walk, talk, and so on, Leon got up and personal with these people, Not being shy with people and their space, I need to take this into mind when I photography, to not be scared of what people, I need to have no shame when it comes to people, when I photograph people it is a way for me to connect to them , I guess its a way I talk to people, Photography for me helps me explain how I feel, because when I talk is all sorts of confusing, I can never say what I truly feel because its get lost in words, I do think writing for me helps let me explain myself fully, because I am able to think before a write and I am able to go back an correct what I have just written, but when talking you can never go back on what you said. Ok back to Leon photography, I do find that his framing is interesting, Leon crops in away that scream identity, its scream him, that this is his work, and you can tell other people that they cropped that like Leon Levinstein. I think im a full frame person, I really think about how my image sits in the frame, i judge all my corners. But I do feel like Leon thought of all these things, how he placed each person in the frame. Im not sure what im getting at with all of this talk but I do feel that this was something that was worth viewing and appreciating.



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