Your World

Digital PhotographyDigital Photography Digital photographyDigital PhotographyWith in this year I thought to myself that it would be a good idea to continue in digital, I wanted my digital work to be different compared to my film work, I have been working with two different idea of humor and environment. Working with a subject of people, The collection of people in there environment is an on going study of putting a object (the person) in their own environment, and how that environment expresses the person, along  with the person telling through their body language how they feel. With contemporary art i feel everyone takes something out of natural setting a puts it somewhere different, I thought it would be interesting to place something in it own environment and see how it interacts. Im not sure about this collection, but i think i would like to continue.

With my humor, I wanted to work with making a photography funny to all viewers, I thought of how little kids blow big hickys on there windows to make funny faces at anyone, so i took that but put it into a studio feel to it, Im not sure what i was trying to get at with these photographs but i thought it would be interesting to work with something funny,

Digital PhotographyDigital PhotographyDigital PhotographyDigital Photography


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