…Do You Know?

Valie Export. I know nothing about her but what I can say is that I like her stuff. I giggle at the fact that I can never remember name but I remember the photos. Im always like this person did this but I can’t remember, It was like this but photographer name was.. started with something.. but what I am going to say is that I like the way she is playful with her subject and the way she uses a little bit of color in her b/w prints. I think mostly why putting her up on my blog is because I want to remind myself who she is. so I can go back like research. To put a picture to a name. I hate when people ask “well why do you like this photographer?” I DON’T FUCKING KNOW! but usually I come up with bull shit answer that always sound stupid about how she captures the playfulness of lines, and has this light weight quality to her photographs. And how she works with the architecture and the form of the body. I don’t understand why I can’t just like something just because like it, there always has to be an explanation to it. There is always something else. I do feel that there must be an idea behind the photograph and you just can’t take a photograph without thinking about it. but on the other hand sometimes the best photograph is ones that you don’t take the lifetime to think about. I always like those people who always agree what other people say about there work. When you totally know thats not what they planed out to photograph. People need to stick to there guns. Frankly I think  about myself is that I think too much about my work and sometime I would like to just do. Just photograph. To not think. To not have a care in the world. To have the mind set of a five year old. Most of the time I think most artist don’t know half the time what the hell they are doing. Or know any idea what there work is about. People say there work is about other things, Like culture, politics and social norms. But isn’t your art work really just about yourself. Its about your life and what you been through not about someone else pain. Under all that it always come down to you, The artist. Beneath all my work it has to do with how I really don’t have a story to tell, My life was not ground breaking, I don’t have any thing. There is no subject. My life is plain as a white piece of paper. Which relates to my work on how I make my photographs out to be flat, plain, and simple. But at the same interesting. My processes gives my images a story. The steps that I took to get the results gives meaning. Or Im just full of just trying to explain why I like my work, Which I have never like my work, I have appreciated my work on how hard I worked on it . But I have never liked. I don’t think we ever love art work, I think we only appreciate it. I don’t think any artist knows what there work is about, they just think they do, but they don’t really. I think we as artist will never know..


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