Author Note.

Digital PhotographIs art a sin? Is being an artist a crime?  I always find when I tell someone that I am  artist they always get that look on their face. Is being an artist is such a bad thing? People doom artist from the beginning by the way the treat us. Oh their an artist because they weren’t smart enough to do anything else. Artist just doodle on paper and call it art. For one thing thats not true because being an artist is harder then it look. Artist have as much trouble and work as the next person. I also like the people who think just because they have a paintbrush or camera in their hand they should be considered an artist. It makes it hard for the people who are actually artist. Now everyone thinks they can be an artist so no one take the real artist seriously. With in our society it is commonly shown in media and social norms that being an artist is a bad life style choice. That everyone and their mother can be an artist. Especially in photography. Moms got a new camera she must be an artist. Or a friend that studying to be banker dabbled in the darkroom he must know all about photography.  Oh why do the doom us? Its already hard enough to find a job and now our dignity is taken away from us for being an artist. So to cut it short basically we are all screwed. I think that is why most successful artist are dicks is because they have to be to survive in this curl world. With in the art world you depend on other people because in the end you want to milk them dry to get yourself a head of everyone else. Artist only become famous by knowing people and usually they always forget the people that got them their. I don’t understand why we live in such a life sucking, back stabbing, only caring about you self kind of world. People are only concerned about one thing only and that is themselves. We only make friends to gain status. Humans just take take take and they only give when it profits. But the way people give is only giving if they know that they will get something in return. Most famous artists that are king pins in our art world do this of taking taking taking routine. Conning the rest of us that its alright to take. We all live in this vicious circle. All famous artist are pompous assholes. We all want to be those famous assholes but in reality only like 1/8 of the population only get there. As humans we always want what we can’t have …


One thought on “Author Note.

  1. Leah! Be proud of what you do. You’re very talented! I am so jealous when I see what you or other artists can do. I can’t draw, I can’t paint. I have no artistic ability at all and I hate it. Just understand that some people just don’t get it. Don’t get upset. You’re using your talent and will be working in something you love to do. Go with it and enjoy it. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks Be yourself! You’re a wonderful person!!!

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