Hello My Name Is ?

Black and White Photograph, Toned Sepia The last couple of days I have been running around in circles. Thinking myself silly by trying to come up with name for my new creation. Which will be created when I think up a name for my own web site. Its hard trying to be different because the easy way is doing your own name. leahberry.com how lame is that. But on the other hand its easy to remember because your just typing in my name. With being a photographer ever puts their name and the photography. “first name last name photography.com” how original. I want a name that gives the feel of professional and not like I am still in highschool. With a .com you always want something easy to spell and you want something that catchy, that just rolls off the tongue and easy to remember. All that I have come up with is a big zero. With a web site it would allow me to put all of my work in a organized way and also easy to show to others. It will also be nice to have something of my own, That I can say look what I have been up to. Its been so hard trying to figure out how to set one up. I feel that my Alfred doesn’t set you up for the real world. But I think the most valuable things you don’t learn from the books. I feel once I leave school I am just going to fall right smack on my face and my parents are going to come and pick me up off the floor. College is such life staller, I think they stick us in school  because they want  us to wait until we are old enough and mature enough to be out in real world. We all are just a bunch of ginny pigs in The Man master plan. The outside world is scared, to me it is. I have no idea what to do after school. The only thing that I do know is that I don’t want to go back to my parents house. Even though I love my parents, I still want to get as far away from them as possible. I feel in the outside world life is soo much different. Out there I don’t think people party every night like college. In college its just the normal thing to see how many brain cell we can kill. I wonder if next year I will still be friends with high school and college friends, Or will what always seems to happen is people get busy and forget. People don’t mean to forget but its sad when it does. I feel people have friends but at the same time they don’t, because I think each person feel alone in the world. People are always hustling and bustling by you. But in the end we all die alone. Black and White Photograph, Toned Sepia



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