No Story..

Black and White PhotographyI sat down with my professor the other day and he came to the conclusion that even though I my self can take wonderful pictures in any situation they still lack that extra

Black and White Photographysomething.  I was not offend by his comment because I already knew this. Yes I can take great photographs but they have no feelings to them. They don’t scream anything. I want my photographs make people ask question, I want them to  provoke feelings. He also stated that I seem to photograph broken and forgotten things, What does that reflect on me? What does that say about me and what I am thinking about? What I’m feeling? Do I feel broken and forgotten? Truthfully, honesty… I do feel this way, most of the time I do feel forgotten. People forget about there friends. I do feel damage because I have soo much hate with in me, An none of my hate is caused by any emotional times in my life, I grew up in a healthy home, I never did anything bad. I have no story. I have no reason to hate things but at the same time I do. I feel very much alone in this word. Most time I feel I have no one to really talk to, because every time I want to talk to someone I am always worried that I shouldn’t talk about my self too much, Also I should burden them with my problems, and that they really don’t want to know, Is that why I photograph abandoned  and destroyed things? Im not sure, maybe.


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