I Want To Know What You Think. Please

Im working on this project, Now its new and out of my comfort zone, So I am very unsure of what Im doing or if its worth my time. I looking for people thoughts or opinions. I not looking for complements Im look for the truth. The concept that Im working with is hidden passenger, One minute someone is there and then gone, How we can be surrounded by people but feel so alone. With these photo I show them in pairs one with a figure in and the other with none, With nature you feel surrounded by trees and plants, taking my self in and out of it give this disappearing act, like now you see me, now you don’t, How you can just disappear in a blink of an eye. Putting myself in these photographs was hard for me because I don’t like photograph myself, I wanted them to be raw and in your face, but I really don’t think the do that, I don’t like these photographs, I feel that they look to senior portraits, I want them to look like some lost and hidden from the world. Alone in the woods, and I want them to provoke question, like why is this girl all dressed in white in the mild of the woods, This is a work in progress. So what Im looking is what you think. And ask me to think. I have never done anything like this before, This is the first time I have ever taken photographs of my self. Im taking the plunge. And hoping for the worst. Please leave your remark, observation, statement, judgment, reflection, opinion, view and criticism..

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Digital Photography

Digital Photography

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2 thoughts on “I Want To Know What You Think. Please

  1. At first glance I don’t think it matters if it’s you in them or not, if you want the feeling to be the focus not the person.

    I also find the first one where the figure is doing something/ interacting with the place more interesting. It provokes more questions because you are unsure of what she is doing, and who she is because her face is not visible. I think by interacting with the space it the image is less of a formula. Space + Person standing, facing the camera = Image. I think the first shot looks more genuine. (Also one were really lost, how often are they just standing still not trying to find the way out?)

    I also find the fact the the figure is missing in the second frame more prominent in the first one because the figure wasn’t just a static being, the impacted the image and thus left it static when not present.

    A more technical thing.. but making the figure in white, the brightest and whitest object in the frame makes the fact the she’s missing in the neighboring open more prominent as well. I noticed that upon closer inspection of the first one compared to the others, that the sky in the others was competing with the figure for brightness.

    Just my opinions, don’t that them sway yours that much. =D

  2. I like the concept, and the photos are technically really strong. With that being said, the figure for me gets a little lost. Maybe if the figure had a more demanding presence the concept would be better communicated.

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