In the world of Galleries and Museum.

Recently I went to land of the yellow taxi and skyscrapers, Im just gonna say that New York City is where its happening. I always get such a culture shock when I go there because there is so much going on. What Im about to say is that I think MOMA(museum of modern art) is going through a mid life crises. It doesn’t know which way to go. MOMA is all about the modern era and the big names, because the public only wants to see the big names, I feel that MOMA should look at other artist of the that era. I feel that when I was viewing the collection it was very disorganized. they had new stuff and old stuff. they need to figure out what kind of museum they are or what they want to be. Im sorry but I really don’t want to see any more Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollock.  I feel every one has seen all the big names before, I want new artist, maybe its because it would be nice for the people who are under the radar to get some notice. I think the MOMA will work out its problems. I also went to go see the Lee Friedlander “America by Car” which I thought was a good step up for the Whitney. The Whitney is not my favorite museum. Most of the time the show are pretty awful. But I do think with 105 prints of “America by Car” he could have pick out 10 and it would have been a good show. Im not sure if mass is always the best thing. Moving on to the Chelsea galleries I was very impressed by the show that where put on, better then last showing that i saw there, I was happy surprised. But Hell I don’t even know what Im talking about,

Check out at the MOMA : Women photography, Which i did enjoy

Check out at the Whitney: Lee Friedlander

Check out at the Pace Gallery: The day after, THE BEST SHOW EVER!!


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