Sarah Moon

Yesterday I went to the library for inspiration, Shuffling through the books that I had pulled  off the shelf  which most of them I didn’t like ( I don’t think the librarians like when I come because I leave a big stack of books for them to put back but they tell  me not to reshelve )  but what I did find was a book called “Vrais Semblants” by Sarah Moon. I was disappointed to find the intro to the book was in a different language. And looking her up on the internet I could find next to nothing about her, So her and the work that she does is a big mystery. The only thing that I could find is that she is british and prints in alternative processing. Thumbing  thought the her work I capture the feeling of disturbed fairy tale. That scary beauty. Her photographs read like a 50’s movie with the main role of a strong women that is struggling with her identity in a males world. One could criticize that most of her prints are blurry, blown out and have dust spots all over them. But who is to say they aren’t apart of the captured moment. That life is blurry around the edges. Also that nothing is perfect. But I still am a strong believer that one need to learn how to make the perfect print before straying from perfection.

Vrais Semblants

If any other information found about Sarah Moon, Please send.



One thought on “Sarah Moon

  1. I love the image of the girl in the dress. Haven’t heard of Sarah Moon before but definitely interested in doing a bit of research. Keep me posted on anything else you find! 🙂 Ps, lets get some more of your recent images up here! I want to see what you’re working on. ❤

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