Vivian Maier’s

Discovered after her death Vivian Maier’s is considered one of the top  street photographers of the 20th century.

Viewing her work and back ground I was surprised  that she had not been discovered before her death. I find her a little selfish that she didn’t expose her work to the public before she died. On the other hand I like the fact she is not like most artist that set out to make a name for themselves instead of making art. Im going to have to disagree with her methods of shooting every day and everything. My views are sometimes life is worth experiencing then being behind a camera all the time. You loose the freedom because your always thinking about whats is the best shot here. I also feel bad for the people who are now cataloguing her work because she had soo much. Her work blows me out of the water to say the least, She captures the life that run the streets. The day to day life struggles. Small moments of time that we pass by or take for granted.

Check out the tags for more information about Vivian Maier’s and her work.


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