Natsumi Hayash.

My brother sent me this link a few days back of Natsumi Hayash work and I have been wanting to blog about it for a while. Luckily the digital class that Im TA doesn’t need my help all the time. I feel that most artist are not inspired by the new age artist but always by the old dead artist. I feel that most new photographers live in the past but it is hard to make any new art because everything has been done before. Artist need to make that personal connection to their work to make it their own. So they can be different then all the rest. We all struggle with our own identity and people who think they have found themselves are the one who are most lost. We really don’t know ourself. But we always have an idea of who we are and the people around us help us find out who we truly are.

check out more information about Natsumi Hayash at her blog


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