Aaron Hobson.

Im not sure about who inspires me, I don’t understand why artist have to have an explanation for the things they like, Why can’t we just like what we like, Do I need to explain why I like mint chocolate chip ice cream, I like it because I just do, Simple as that, No buts or ands. On the other hand I do feel that with creating art there need to be meaning behind what you are creating, I feel that art is for the self, I make art to enable myself to be able to better understand my inner me, We are creatures of the heart. As a visual person I am able to express my self fully with out words within my photographs, The understandability of the image is unnecessary  to the viewer, Because I feel it can never be fully understood.

WIth Aaron Hobson portraits I feel that the viewer can only undertand the first layer of meaning and the rest is hidden beneath the photograph, He captures those brief moments of pure truth. Ugly and beauty come together to make one..



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