She breathes in the courage of standing alone.
In the world she lives in people come in twos.
She faces the calm water with pain and fear in each of her hands.
She drowns her doubts within the deep dark depths.
She screams with her arms wide open with determination.
She sees the light clearly in different colors.
– Leah.E.Berry


Alex Stoddard.

I know that I haven’t been blogging much the last couple of months but thats all going to change (hopefully). For once it not totally my fault for not keeping up to date, being in Communism country where they don’t allow anything and then coming home and getting my life on track which it still isn’t. But thats not the point of this post. This post is about Alex, I stumbled over  his work a while back, Totally check more of his work out on ( It was interesting reading what little information about him but what I found was he started 365 day project (which are the ones that Im showing in the post) Doing a 365 day project take time and a lot of effort to keep doing day after day. He started knowing nothing about camera and each day was a challenge but after each day learning more and more about a camera he accomplish much. He puts my work to shame, the drive that he has is astounding. I feel that each portrait has a story and emotion to tell within the photo. Im not oozing all over this guy (ok a little) its not that I want to be him or take pictures like his, I want that drive. And I general like the photos that I put up of different people work because why would I put up someone work that I didn’t like. stupid.

View of the end.

– Even thought its all over I do believe that my senior show was a hit in my book.  If i had to do it all over again I would have changed a few things like how I hung my images and maybe even switched some images for other ones. I believe that my work was different from anyone else work, or any work that I have ever seen. And that makes me feel good even if no one understood them. I feel different and not some person just repeating another artist work as my senior show. And even though I wasn’t accepted by my classmates because I had switched to digital, but  I do think that every real photographer should start out in film and in the darkroom. Black/White and color film give you the stepping tools to becoming a better digital photographer. I will always love film but I do feel that digital is just as hard film, digital may seem easy at first and you get that gratification on the small screen but it might not look good big. We all had different feelings about things, but don’t make people feel less about themselves as an artist  just because there doing something different. .

Soft Petals..

Two Steps Back..

Running forward..Running Away..